Cocktail Machine

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Cocktail Machine

Cocktail Machine

CocktailsMachine is a new automatic jigger that allows the controlled pouring of the ingredients, optimize the consumption and reduce the time of preparation of the cocktail without the need for specific skills. With a simple and intuitive management interface through an app, you can quickly make cocktails: the doses are made in accordance with the recipe and are accurate to the milliliter: no matter if you make 1 or 100 cocktail, they will always be exactly the same.


Easy to use

The cocktails list is explained in detail: preparation and final finishing.
You can choose from a selection of cocktails specially created by qualified Barman, from the preparation to the final finish. Or create your own list of cocktails, edit them and add them to a favorites list to save time during the rush hours.
With Gig Pro you can connect up to 15 ingredients, each through an independent channel to not mix them.
Connect liqueurs, juices or syrups, an alert message notifies you when the bottles are finishing.

No more waste

Choose a cocktail, press a button and the mix is done; it takes on average 5 seconds to prepare a cocktail with different ingredients.
Thanks to GiG Pro you can be fast, avoid waste and unwanted overdoses, saving up to 20% on the cost of alcohol.

No overpouring = save money!



2 cases per week is 24 bottles (33 drink each bottles) = 41184 drinks per year.
Total at $5 each is $205,920.

If you over-pour 5 ml. you’ll obtain 28 drinks instead of 33 for each bottle:

2 cases per week is 24 bottles (28 drink each bottles) = 34944 drinks per year.
Total at $5 each is $174,720.

Annual loss revenue will be  €31.200


Price per drink (30ml.) €5 €5 €5 €5
Number of cases of liquor weekly (12 liters per case) 2 5 10 20
If over pour 5ml. annual loss revenue is: €31.200 €78.000 €156.000 €312.000

No installation

No need for structural installations, it integrates seamlessly into any kind of bar, restaurant, hotel…
Just place GiG Pro directly on the counter, in a convenient place, to turn it into an efficient automated Cocktail Station.

Dimensioni Cocktail Machine


Remote Control

Through the App you can view usage or you can manage recipes and statistics directly from a computer connected to the Internet.
A statistics system easily understandable allows instant control of cocktails delivered per day, per type and consumption of ingredients.


  • Preparation
  • Installation
Long Island Video
Watch the Long Island Iced Tea preparation video.
Watch the Negroni preparation video.

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